Our Objectives:

• Educating future leaders through innovative educational programs that represent a balanced mixture of theory and practice.

• Presenting leaders to the Egyptian society in the aerospace field.

• Providing a research environment capable of developing inventions and technologies and providing solutions to aerospace problems in cooperation with workers in academia, industry and government, in Egypt and all over the world.

• Providing an integrated scientific climate inside and outside the classroom assists the plurality of scientific ideas and the integration of practical experiences; To strengthen the concepts of integrative engineering projects.

• Encouraging students to participate in the community by participating in local and international competitions and transforming theoretical sciences into practical reality.

• Providing comprehensive education in the fields of aviation and space, capable of improving student’s analytical, design and research skills in the manufacture of aircraft, spacecraft and various aeronautical systems technologies, while imparting the latest knowledge to students, assisting them and providing them with the means of permanent accompaniment.

• Preparing graduates who are able to join the available jobs in the fields of aviation, space and related fields and integrate into multidisciplinary work teams, by providing them with the characteristics required to effectively contribute to the industry, and future challenges.