Master of Science in Aerospace Engineering


Code Course Title
AER 602 Experimental Methods in Aerospace Engineering
AER 610 Advanced Aerodynamics
AER 612 Boundary layer control and turbulence
AER 613 Supersonic Aerodynamics
AER 614 Computational methods in Aerodynamics
AER 615 Experimental Methods in Aerodynamics
AER 616 Aerodynamics of Turbo-machines
AER 617 Aerodynamic Design of Aircrafts
AER 618 Aerodynamic Design & Performance of Wind Turbines
AER 619 Aerodynamics of Environment and Pollution
AER 631 Dynamics of Structures
AER 632 Structure Optimization
AER 633 Analysis And Design Of Composite Materials
AER 634 Computer Aided Aircraft Structural Design
AER 635 Solid Mechanics
AER 636 Fracture Mechanics
AER 637 Finite element and finite strip method
AER 638 Plasticity
AER 639 Design for Creep and fatigue
AER 640 Numerical method in structural analysis
AER 641 Analysis And Design Of Missile Structure
AER 642 Theory Of Plates And Shells
AER 643 Aero-elasticity
AER 644 Experimental methods in structural analysis
AER 646 Operation Research (1)
AER 647 Operation Research (2)
AER 650 Modern Control in Flight Systems
AER 651 Optimal control of vehicles
AER 657 Special Topics in Aeronautical Control
AER 659 Recognition, estimation and precise control
AER 660 Analysis and Design of Multivariable Feedback Control Systems
AER 661 Stochastic Estimation and Control
AER 662 Noise and Filtering
AER 663 Systems and Measuring Instruments in Flying Vehicles
AER 667 Intelligent Control
AER 670 Combustion in Propulsive Systems (I)
AER 672 Rocket Engines
AER 675 Jet Engines
AER 680 System Analysis and design
AER 682 Airtransport Engineering
AER 683 Aircraft Maintenance
AER 691 Modern Control of Aerospace Systems
AER 696 التطبیقات الفضائیة فى النظم العمرانیة
AER 697 المرئيات الفضائية في الاستكشافات التعدينية و البترولية
AER 795 Satellite Design


Note: The student chooses seven courses out of AER 601 –  AER 795 among which are included the last three courses.