Doctor of Philosophy in Aerospace Engineering




AER710 High Performance Computing for Aerospace applications
AER711 Unsteady Aerodynamics
AER712 Hydrodynamic Stability
AER730 Modal Analysis of Structures
AER732 Reliability based structure design.
AER734 Applied Signal Processing
AER735 Advanced Composite Materials
AER736 Acoustics and Structures
AER737 Acoustic Signal Processing
AER750 Recognition, estimation and precise control
AER752 Robust Control
AER753 Nonlinear control
AER755 Optimal Control
AER756 Noise and Filtering 2
AER757 Flight Mechanics of Highly Flexible Aircraft
AER758b Intelligent Control
AER758 Intelligent Control(2)
AER759 Recognition, estimation and precise control
AER762 Optimization of Aerospace Systems
AER771 Intakes and Nozzles
AER772 Simulation and Control of Propulsion Systems
AER791 Systems and measurement instruments in flying vehicles
AER792 Navigation systems
AER794 Sensor Design
AER795 Satellite Design
AER796 Research Seminar (Oral Exam)
AER797 Computer Project
AER798 Independent Study (written Exam)
AER799 Ph. D.  thesis
Courses can be offered from the M.Sc. Program