Cairo University Aerospace Department is a deeply rooted institute with almost 70 years of experience in the educational field. Excellence is its drive. Our graduates prove to be distinguished both inside and outside Egypt. They carry the seeds that enable them to perform in many fields that are not necessarily in the aerospace business.

Our main objective is to develop the manpower capable of fulfilling the engineering responsibilities associated with flying vehicles. These cover airplanes, missiles and spacecrafts. The graduate is flexibly profiled such that he can start a career in air transport, industry and research. Four main disciplines are served with highly competitive depth; namely, aerodynamics, aircraft structures, propulsion and flight mechanics-automatic control. In addition, courses are provided for mechanical design, production and electronics. Four elective courses in the final year provide an opportunity to satisfy personal objectives.

Current programs are highly oriented towards Analysis tools and design aspects of flying vehicles. In an attempt to cover the technical background required for the field of maintenance without sacrificing the academic level of our graduates, the department has earned an approval from the Egyptian Civil Aviation Authority for a three years package provided by Egypt Air Training Centre. It covers the theoretical part of the “without type license” required for all civil aviation maintenance engineers. Our students can now join the program for one month per year in the summer vacation following the final three academic years, paying about 40% of its actual cost. By graduation time the students are in an excellent position to start a career in airplane maintenance.

Postgraduate programs serve to prepare personnel in the research and development fields. In the meantime conducted research aims at extending the scientific and technological boundaries of our country. Expertise in our staff members has a high potential to provide consultancy and conduct applied research activities in the aerospace field and the industrial field generally, using their multidisciplinary scientific knowledge.

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